We all smile when we feel good but smiling itself is able to make us feel good! This plays into the “fake it till you make it theory” , even if smiling is the last thing you feel like you doing it can help your health and mood a bunch! When we smile our body and brain is tricked into thinking that we are happy, and when we’re happy our body and mind work more efficiently! Happiness is the first on our beaming list of benefits! Most of the time you’re smiling because you’re already happy but science shows that smiling has the ability in itself to make you happy! When a study was done have people hold pencils in different ways, those who help the pencil horizontally, forcing a smile perceived things to be more funny. The theory on this is that when we activate those muscles to make a smile our muscles working causes a temperature change that then creates a chemical change releasing chemicals that make us feel happy.  Sporting a grin can also help lower your anxiety and stress, smiling has been shown that it may have an affect on our heart rates and cortisol levels which both play a role in how much stress and anxiety one feels. So the next time our stress levels pick up we may want to try and grin and bear it, to take the edge off! Lowering cortisol levels have more benefits than just lowering the stress and anxiety in your life, lower cortisol levels also equal a higher functioning immune system! Cortisol hampers some immune system cells from doing their job so they can not successfully protect our bodies! Smiling can also make you feel more comfortable. When we smile our body relaxes fully making us feel more relaxed and comfortable. Smiling is one of the most natural ways to boost your mood! It’s so natural to us humans that we starting smiling in our first five weeks of life! Smiling is so natural we don’t even have to learn it, it’s just in our DNA,  babies who are blind start smiling and smile just as much as their sighted counterparts! It takes less than minute to sport a smile, so for extra credit, think hard about the things that make you truly want to smile: happy memories, upcoming plans for fun, the goofy dance your best friend does when she gets excited and you’ll get the added benefit of being able to go through the day with less emotional distress!