Silence and its Health Benefits

Today we are talking about the health benefits of silence, Which to some of us can be a little scary. After all being alone with our thoughts can put us a little on edge. That exactly why we need quiet time though! In our quiet time we can train our thoughts to be more positive which can help our mental and physical health. Silence is important because there is a part of our brain that is constantly observing and coming up with outcomes and stories which can cause stress and anxiety. By having a few moments of metal silence through meditation you can turn that part of our brain off letting our brains get a break making us feel more refreshed! Practice mindful silence with the addition of thinking of things that make you happy to give yourself even more of a mental boost! Mental silence also helps improve our memories, promotes brain growth, cell regeneration, and helps with insomnia. Looking within yourself also helps you empathize with others. There are so many health benefits to reap from a little bit of silence so take a walk in your local park or find a quiet space and meditate!


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Founder and CEO of Trulee Foods, Sherry Lee White speaks, blogs and contributes to national publications on the topics of mind-body and food-mood relationships as well as other aspects of wellness.